Is my nexus 5 a soft brick can it be repaired?

  • I am an absolute beginner.
    I purchased a working nexus 5.
    I unlocked the bootloader but forgot to enable us debugging and proceeded install Ubuntu to touch.
    Is there any way of saving this nexus 5

  • Hi, So you forgot the seven taps on the build in Andriod. 😞 I am not clever enough to help but I think adb is built into the UBports loader; there has to be a command that will activate USB debugging via ADB; you would need to do this via the terminal on the PC you are using - this link might help.
    I have run ubuntu touch and ubports on Nexus 5 and 6 and I think it is worth persevering. Good luck!

  • @jezreel
    I don't know the details, but I read few similar issues.
    You'll have to find an android version for Nexus5, flash it, update to the latest firmware then start the procedure to install Ubuntu Touch.
    With the bootloader locked nothing bad can happen, with the bootloader unlock, you can always go back and flash Android.
    People here might point you to XDA forum or other if you need help to get back to Android.

    Good luck

  • @jezreel
    Here is the factory images for nexus/pixel phones, reflash your phone but do not boot into android. When you have reset the phone to the latest factory image, start the ubports installer when the phone is in bootloader:

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