No Time Sync / Automatic Time Update

  • Hi there. Just wondering why the time doesn't automatically update / correct itself? I've confirmed this on 3 x devices (2 x Nexus 4 & 1 x Nexus 5). I tried using the timedatecti command in the terminal & it shows that network time on is set to yes but NTP synchronised is set to no... Does this mean that even though the automatic setting within date and time is there that the feature isn't supported? P.S. I'm all very news to this & thank you UBports for creating another alternative to the other two. Cheers.

  • @Muffinman
    It should works fine.
    Have you tried the easy solutions : reboot, switching channels or reinstalling without the wipe option ?

  • Time should sync automatically, but time zone does not update automagically.

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