Bootloader only results in a little penguin icon at the top of the screen. What went wrong?

  • There was a time when I got the correct bootloader screen, but during the course of trying to install UT it now only gives me the little penguin icon at the top of the screen and nothing else. Where did I go wrong and is there a way to fix this? Keep in mind I'm still a novice with Linux. I've been trying to get my OS working properly on my phone (I get a boot loop and it never starts up) and the first step in fixing it seems to be to flash TWRP, which I can't do without the bootloader (I presume).

    Any thoughts?

  • @Rowboth More info will help.
    What device.
    What installer version
    What OS are you using.

  • Of course...I should have included that to begin with.

    It's a Oneplus One, installer version is 0.4.14-beta, and I'm on Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon version 4.0.10.

  • If you're seeing anything relating to Linux (ie, the tux mascot) then you are past bootloader, and it's trying to boot a kernel.

    You need to get into proper fastboot mode to fix your device. It would also help to state what OS and version thereof you had on the device before attempting to install UT.

  • @dobey I'm pretty certain the OS before the UT install attempt was Android 6.0 (marshmallow).

  • How come there is a penguin icon? Ubuntu Touch never shows the kernel console at the beginning. Something is really fishy here.

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