New to UBports on Pinephone

  • Hello,

    As the title says I'm totaly new to UBports (but not to Linux).
    So far I'm quite puzzled as to how to navigate in the system. Seems I end up having started a lot of programs and have no way to close them. I also don't know how to "go back", so I swipe from the left and start one more program...

    The phone gets quite warm, empties the battery very quickly and mostly can't connect to the carrier. No idea what's UBports and whats the pinephone...

    Could hardly find any documentation on using Ubuntu Touch, have I missed some repository?



  • There are two kinds of swipe from the right:
    Fast gets you to the next open app.
    Slow gets you to the overview of apps so you can grab individual apps and close them by throwing them up or down.

    UT is a lot more swipe-oriented than anything you're used to. In case of doubt, try a swipe.

  • @tcoulon swipe To the left quickly to switch apps, slowly to view open apps. swipe up or down to close apps or get extra features in apps

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