My bucket list

  • Design and marketing are my domains. I believe proper design toolbox can solve many problems in the community.

    For this community to thrive, we need constant expansion, and for that, we need to attract like-minded people. Our website brings roughly 1300~ users every day, which is continuously growing, in terms of traffic, that's nice but far from perfect.

    Since I published my first post a couple of weeks ago, I picked many other broken projects in the community with little help or assistance > Luckily, few members noticed me and helped me to reach the right people and get better results.

    I'm calling/encourage other designers out there, who maybe want to try fix problems here with me (or not) - I gathered some of my bucket lists - perhaps you can provide some of your skills to the table.

    Graphics & Illustrations

    • Visuals: explain how ubuntu touch is working from inside to outside, architecture, and components using wireframes.
    • Visuals: Show how containers work inside Ubuntu Touch.
    • Many Illustrations for Ubuntu touch Website.
    • Banners for marketing
    • Guide book for new volunteers, developers, designers, testers, marketers, and community managers.
    • Ubuntu touch UI Kit for Illustrator/Sketch/Photoshop/Inkscape.

    Soon I release some assets to share. You can fork, use it, shape it, and improve it as long as you stick with the guidelines.

    My goals stand where I landed them for the first time:

    • Attract more users.
    • Attract donors
    • Attract developers

    Not necessarily in the same order 😉

    If you happen to be a system designer, motion designer, UI/UX and you want to help, please contact me on telegram. @kaizennn


  • Looking forward to seeing your initial release, great work.

  • I promised my 3d version of Yumi before.


  • Community attention: There are a few missing puzzles around the core members and OpenStore that needs more participating.

    If you happen to have some front end skills like

    • node.js
    • bootstrap/vanilla framework
    • Vue
    • maybe more (?)

    You have a place to support new initiatives
    Please feel free to reach out, be part of the effort

  • Every good story travels fast. Every gift has a home. I combined those two into a piece to deliver a message among other designers (like-minded) 😉



    So far this thread is good to me. So here it goes again, I'm looking:

    • To complete the package with essential assets including Adobe XD, Illusrtation and Inkscape for the upcoming new site. message me (@kaizennn)
    • For designers who wants to work on marketing stories like this one.

    Please contact me, expect pure supportive collaboration.

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