Snaps vs apt? 20.04

  • I thought i would give 20.04 a try on my macbook, mostly it works - but i am havingvery strange issues using apt/apt-get

    it keeps telling me i have held broken packages - i do not; dpkg --get-selections | grep hold, confirms this

    (i still ran the usual update/upgrade/autoremove, just incase)

    But when i try to install, for eg, libasound2-dev (for mycroft), apt insists i have held broken packages - running dev_setup for mycroft (from github) gives me the same error

    It also tells me i need libasound2, which is already installed

    I get this with allot of packages i try to install, and i am starting to wonder if snaps is the cause? I dont see how it should be, but perhaps canonical has done something which is breaking apt, in favour of snaps?

    installing mycroft via snaps works ... until you run it, then it breaks trying to install dependencies lol

    not sure what further options there are in regards apt believing there are broken packages, dpkg telling me there are not, and synaptic claiming to have fixed dependencies / broken packages but the issue remaing..

    guessing there are some Ubuntu 20.04 users out there, any ideas?

  • Here is support forum for Ubuntu Touch mobile OS from ubports community.

    You should ask support for Ubuntu PC OS from Canonical company on their forums, as it will be more efficient.

  • @pixelated If you are talking about standard Ubuntu then this is not the correct Forum. You need a dedicated Ubuntu Forum or help site (see above answer). This one is specifically for Ubuntu Touch on mobile devices. So I will move this to Off Topic.Thanks

  • @Lakotaubp
    uTouch stable is 16.04, 18.04 not even in edge i believe, so 20.04 on macbook is definetly not uTouch related 😁

  • Others have commented about the 'on-topicness' of this question, but I still wanted to pitch in and say that issues with apt have nothing whatsoever to do with snaps. Canonical has definitely not 'broken apt in favor of snaps'.
    I cannot speak as to your motivation, but the way the question is worded might plant this seed in people's mind that something like this might be the case. And in the interest of combating the FUD that I see being spread online I felt compelled to react.

  • this is the off topic section of forum

    i feel like it was a fair assumption that the UT forum would have people on it who use ubuntu on a computer, and may have some useful information to share with me

    i get tired of copy and paste responses on dedicated forums, by people who dont read posts, dont understand what they are copying, or who want to insist that the OP has no right to do something

    ...i miss the days when forum where full of informative and helpful people. so thanks for the useful replies.

  • @pixelated I agree that this is the OT section, but that isn't "anything else" it is "other stuff of interest to the community".

    FWIW I use 20.04 and develop both debs and snaps. There's no incompatibility between the packaging technologies.

    Snaps don't normally install deb packages. (Only "classic" snaps are able to do that, but even they probably won't as they could be installed on a largely incompatible distro. E.g. Fedora and Arch don't understand apt.)

    Any apt problems you have are apt problems and you are better off searching for help on a site that supports apt.

  • Well, did you try to do apt-get -f install at all?

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