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  • For many years I have used Reading List by MS and would very much like to have a similar native app for Ubuntu Touch.

    Of course simply using 'bookmarks' in Morph is a common way to save webpages. I have found Reading List to be much more convenient, faster, easier to store and to categorize news items, wish lists and specific URLs for hobby. The Reading List is a very usefull on the go app to find your stored internet sources even when being (forced) off line.

    I haven't found this kind UT based app or an existing app including such a feature. It would be a nice addition to existing apps in the Open Store like Simply RSS / Launcher Modular.

    If it exists already, please reply below to point me in the right direction

    Started this thread in 'Support', if it should be moved to 'app development' please let me know or move it if you feel that's a more appropriate category.

  • Hi,
    I can include this type of feature in the next released of SimplestRSS, as part of the long awaited star feature, extended to any link, not only from feeds
    Or maybe as a standalone app for people that doesn't want rss

    Can you tell a bit more about wishes features (other than simple store links / display content)

  • @kazord

    The fact that you would include a Reading List feature in the next release of Simplest RSS app makes me very happy and if it would be like the Microsoft version I referred to earlier would basically be satisfactory for me.

    For now my wish is to have it integrated in Launcher Modular. If that's not challenging enough for you, I'm pretty sure I can think of some usefull additions and suggestions to the concept over the weekend 🙂

    I'm not familiar with the 'star' project you mentioned. Could you provide us with a link or a summary in this thread?

    Other users could be interested as well and might want to chime in with their ideas to have you create what may become the most convenient open source reading app in the world 🙂

    Thanks for now, will be back soon to share some ideas

  • @kazord said in [Request] Reading List app:

    Can you tell a bit more about wishes features (other than simple store links / display content)

    Before I do, have you been able to download and research the MS Reading List app? If you have already seen how the information and features are structured and categorized then it would save me time to show/explain to you how the app works, I'd rather then focus on improving that concept and bring forward suggestions based on the experience with the MS Reading List app.

  • @kazord
    Are you still planning on integrating a Reading List feature in the next release?

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