Marketers/PR/Media people wake up! This is your time to shine!

  • I'm looking to fill a new page on the new website which is going address mostly PR Stuff, tools, logos, voice and ton of marketing style. Also a place which you can invite people from the community to talk in your show or podcast.

    What else would like to see there? comments are welcome!

  • @Kaizen

    Good initiative, thank you for all the hard work and time you have put in this new format.

    Happy to contribute and throw in some of my Marketing experience as of next week (returning back from holiday).

    Looking forward to take your brilliant work to the finesse and making this final stretch a community effort. Hopefully many others will join us in this effort to have an attractive and dedicated new website format.

  • @Kaizen Love it!!! I can wait to help in some way ...

  • @C0n57an71n Sure you can! if you happen to be front end developer you may take part in the building the website structure 😉 Feel free to contact me on telegram @kaizennn

    @3T_Ed Thank you! and I'd love that, we always need an extra hand or ideas for expansion plans

  • @Kaizen You can forget it! I'm not a developer and I'm still waiting for my PinePhone. That will be my second machine with UT on it and then I can do experiments. I'd rather pay though...

  • @Kaizen

    Last week I promised to get back to you on this thread to contribute regarding Marketing related issues.

    I was under the impression that you were looking for Marketers within the UT community to help you create and improve the website (and UT) towards potential users.

    My strengths are thinking concept wise and trouble shooting from the end user perspective. In this regard I have my personal view what could be essential for UT to excel and be more persuasive for potential users. I'd like to contribute in that respect, but I don't know what would be the appropriate thread for that (if there's one, please point me to it).

    Having re-read the question and the Sketch page URL I'm getting the impression that you're actually looking for ways to attract and interact with third party Marketers on the new UT website, not aimed towards the actual users. Not really sure my knowledge will be beneficial here but I will have another positive critical look at it.

  • @3T_Ed
    You absolutely right, I'm trying to figure out ways to improve collaborations with others rather then new users, BUT also to open a door for new marketers who want advice or generate new content/strategy, not sure how approach those either.

    Please, share your thoughts I'm all ear

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