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  • The current Discord app in the store isn't working. I have figured out a way to get the actual Discord website working in the Morph browser (use the URL "https://www.discord.com/channels/@me" instead of "https://www.discord.com/") and I am currently working my way through the documentation in order to figure out how to create a web app to submit to the app store. I know there is an app to create a webapp, but 1) I am a developer and I want to figure out the process and 2) I want to play with the webapp options to hopefully make it work better and the webapp app doesn't have a way to play with all the options.

    So my question is: is there a way to remove the existing broken Discord app from the store, or am I going to have to name my app something similar which will be confusing?

  • Without having a very good reason, only the author/publisher can unpublish an app. I think you can still call your app discord as it will be in another namespace (your namespace). Having two apps with the same name is not a big deal, especially if one of them has lots of positive reactions, while the other hasn't...

  • As for me, I lost my password. every time I generate one they never send me the email.

    it's a shame the app doesn't bother to change his app.

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