Suggestions for better app/store design

  • As a non-designer I have noticed that the apps and Open Store are rather inconsistent. I'm well aware that there are UT design rules to follow, nevertheless when searching apps in the Open Store I cannot ignore the diversity of app icon designs.

    As a newcomer I can understand the freedom designers are given on the UT platform and that's great, yet I would have expected to find a more uniform design.

    In this thread I would like to encourage users to put forward their suggestions for improvements, a meeting place where users and designers/devs can discuss design wishes in general, not aimed at specific apps, nor should it become a place for designers to promote their own apps.

    I'll start with my own suggestions below, hopefully we'll get to the point where we can all benefit from the positive critical opinions and suggestion.

    To those lurking at UT the Open Store seems rather inconsistent. Same goes for non-English headers (noticed quite a few Cyrillic and Spanish ones). Nothing wrong with national oriented apps but a decent English header (with native language description) adds to a better search experience imho.

    Another suggestion is to add/assign a simple and unique identifier within the app icon design that might contribute to a higher download rate and could make (potential) users feel more confident about downloading their basic apps knowing they have been marked as 'safe to use'.

    The unique identifier (thinking a quality marking) could be consistent element/background color/marking to each app that is AppArmor confined. In addition a selection option in the drop down menu in the Open Store could be added in order to sort by App Armor confined apps. That way it should be easier for newcomers to identify 'trustworthy' apps, do a quick search on confined apps to install and go from there.

    This could make users more comfortable to install the AppArmor confined apps and encourage devs to make apps in accordance with the AppArmor rules/restricted permissions. When users feel more comfortable having used AppArmor confined apps and being more familiair with terminal commands then the threshold for adding unconfined apps or using Libertine based applications will be much lower.

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  • Agree.

    We need a truly professional product team to solve all this problems. But that's need a plan. I can deliver stuff but rather to build a team around Brian with other contributors.

    @Capsia 😉