Oneplus one touch unresponsive after conection with charger

  • Hi,
    I noticed that sometimes the display does not respond to touches after I connect the phone to the charger. Is this a hardware issue or a soft one?

    Another behaviour is that after the alarm sounds in the morning the display is also unresponding but it might be related with the charging behaviour from above.

    Can anyone guide me on how to investigate this in the code? It would be more effective than to wait for someone else to fix this issue.

  • Do you have experience with Android? You will probably need it hardware is partially handled via an LXC container running Android services sinside. Just saying, this will be a complex task, and you have to also learn how we interface between Androidยดs bionic-linked parts and the glibc-linked Ubuntu parts.

    I also had an OPO for 3 years as daily, and I cannot say that your problem was ever noticeable for me. However, there is a fix for the proximity sensor already committed which will be in the next stable release. Are you on devel channel? There it should have already landed. Does the display light up when you connect or disconnect the charger?

  • @Flohack Yes it does light up. This is a strange issue because it does not happen always. Only from time to time. maybe the usb wire is not ok. I changed it and now I'll keep monitoring it.

    I'm not on the dev channel. I'm on stable channel with my UT, if that is what are you referring to.

    I have no experience in mobile coding apart from web pages.

  • @marius-ciclistu You could change to dev channel, there the charging might be fixed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I've had similar issues before but I can't remember which device anymore ๐Ÿ˜…
    It's either my bq E5 or Nexus 5. When connected to power, the screen is not unresponsive but touch response is a mess and inaccurate. It don't happen when connected to a powerbank or a PC though.

  • I just downloaded a 1.1 gb movie from it. After a few seconds or a minute, time in which I did not disconnect my phone from the computer I received an error on my ubuntu 20.04 that device could not be loaded. After that the only solution was to hold pressed the power button until it shut down. It started going crazy dialing 7777*77 or something like that. It was like the user touched the screen in all places. It behaved like crazy. This is not the first time this is happening but all the time something happens with the screen the usb connector is connected to a desktop or to a charger.

    Edit. After shut down and start again the issue arose again. I shut down the device, turned it on and then restart to "fix" the "craziness".

  • @Flohack said in Oneplus one touch unresponsive after conection with charger:

    @marius-ciclistu You could change to dev channel, there the charging might be fixed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I'll wait for the official release then. I changed the usb cable and in this morning it had no problem.

  • @marius-ciclistu I was about to point to the charger ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Flohack Since this problem seems to be related to the cable, as many more times, couldn't you guy advice the new user at a beggining of a new UBports installer, to previously test a USB cable by connecting first the mobile with a PC and see if they can have a proper data transfer with that cable.

  • @C0n57an71n Hmm we can but still people will not read it properly and then when the installer fails blame it on UT. If that happens with an Android phone nobody would say "Android is broken" xD

  • I used different usb cables. The least behaviour was with the one I installed ubuntu touch. I've read about the need of the original cable:)

  • @Flohack I know what you mean. I've seen it at work, I myself did it when installing UT on my N5. 90% users fault. All want it now, nobody reads before doing stuff.. I know...

  • Yesterday the screen was unresponsive again but without the 'crazyness' described above and
    without the usb conected. I've read something in dekko 2 from open store about something about queues and hanging. Could that be the reason for the unresponsiveness?

  • Today after receiving 6 new mails on dekko 2 the touch became unresponsive.

  • I experienced more unresponsiveness even if I switched to prerelease channel.
    Today something interesting happened. While I could not swipe to unlock, I tried to pull down the upper menu bar and after that I was able to swipe to unlock.

  • My sense is this might be an underlying Android issue. I have a LeNovo tablet that runs Android and exhibits this exact behavior only when plugged in but not always....

  • @drennanelawar mine was not plugged in this time.


    This is the issue.

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