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  • @3T_Ed What would those 2 sites have to do with an ubports utouch manual?

  • @Keneda said in Ubuntu Touch User Manual:

    @3T_Ed What would those 2 sites have to do with an ubports utouch manual?

    Not specifically for a UBports UT manual no. If it's a hands-on leaflet only that is included, the information on it should not only be covering instructions, tips and screenshots, it would require other information (warranty, FCC, EU marking, not putting the device in a microwave oven, et cetera) in order to have it be in legal conformity for written documents on both open source hardware and software side when shipping globally.

    I have seen many (crowdsourced) products been delayed due to lacking legal information and markings. Most notorious in that regard are shipments of electronics to Germany and Austria. Just a reminder to @marc_aurel hoping they'll be able to anticipate to those issues if they haven't covered it yet.

  • @3T_Ed Wait, there's more =))) We need to consider the lithium-ion batteries and to label the package/leaflet accordingly.

  • @marc_aurel
    Here you can see and download all the leaflets for phones. 🙂

  • @3T_Ed No, I have asked the UBports foundation only, because they promote the PinePhone with the UBports logo. I conclude, that a manual exists to match the EU law. Thanks for the link of lfrOSS. That might help us to save money. We work with two agencies specialized on regulations. It's indeed a jungle with CE, WEEE and regulations for battery and waste.

    The Purism 5 manual is indeed a good template. We need something similar for the chapter about Ubuntu Touch.

    @C0n57an71n Unfortunately I can't open this link.

  • @marc_aurel just search: alle bedinungsanleitungen handys.
    It was missing an 's' in the link. Sorry

  • hey there, @hankschwie did an overhaul of the Ubuntu Touch article at ubuntuuser.de (https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Ubuntu_Touch/) i think an comprehensive how to could be key to push UT more towards wide use in it-unexperienced users circels, so i think this article (german) is a good start to work on something (how to, press kit, manual,..) "everyone" could understand/work with. i plan to translate this article into english, but still have to figure out, how to do it smart, e.g. not as a txt file 😉

  • @commisde That's good stuff! An English translation would be quite helpful. I might even be inclined to help with a translation into Dutch...

  • @marc_aurel said in Ubuntu Touch User Manual:

    I'm working for the Volla Phone. The EU law requires to ship a smartphone with a printed user manual.

    I see we are some thinking in a similar idea / project.

    • How can we do this in a very centralized effort? I'm thinking of [text universal file] -> [pan doc / machine tranform] that can go into:

      • Docs
      • Manual
      • New user online guide (docs?)
      • Other?
    • Do we have some specification for the manual: size, number of pages, should be the same for all projects?

  • @CiberSheep I think that the design of the manual might be different for each device but not necessary. We would be pleased to share our layout.

    We think of a fanfold or staple of estimated 22 pages. The first half of the pages will be about the device and the operating system, and the second half about warranty and other legal stuff.

    The real manual will start with a sketch of the device, buttons, connections and SIM and SD card slot. The main OS setup and features could be explained by one page text and one screenshot for each topic. This could be generic and device independent.

    Device and OS introduction

    Pages for legal stuff

    • I see. The idea is to print the manual on a Din-A1 or Din-A0?
    • Color or Black and white?
    • Is there any requirement for the manual of Ubuntu Touch OS?

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