SQLite generic upgrader?

  • Hi there,
    seems I need to upgrade the Telegram App db, which is of course not a big deal. But what I know from other designs is to have an upgrade class that can be fed with upgrade steps according version numbers (version of Db, not App version) and it will check and upgrade (or even downgrade) as necessary.

    Would be great to have a generic version that can be used by all App builders. I recommend a static class inside a small lib which then gets configured with a map or smth like this of versions and their scripts.

    Is there already smth like that on this planet? 🙂


  • @Flohack I'm not a DB guy, but there is the Drupal project which provides an API for DB abstraction.

    I don't know how suitable that would be in this situation, but you could have a quick look at it to see it it seems to be something along the lines you're thinking. 🙂

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