[solved] problem installing ubports on opo

  • I used the ubports installer many times for my opo. Now it fails consistently. I flashed lineage 16.0 and want to go back to ubports but after the installer does it's magic in fastboot the ubports recovery does not show up in 'adb devices'. normal booting just hangs.

    When I reinstall lineage and verify adb is working and in bootloader mode I manually flash the ubports recovery (fastboot flash recovery C:\Users\neil\AppData\Roaming\ubports\bacon\firmware\recovery-bacon.img) and boot into it 'adb devices' remains empty.

    Is the adb server still present and working in the recovery image?

    I am running the installer on Windows 10 and tried to install both rc as well as stable.

    solved: virtualbox was grabbing the device so the host adb (windows) never saw it. The installer now works. Well it is busy doing stuff ...

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