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    I could use some help getting started with my new PinePhone. I got the community edition pre-installed with Ubuntu Touch. When I put my SIM in it (Straight Talk on Verizon towers) it blinks service for a moment and then says none available. I've tried the different 2G, 3G etc settings, but no change. In my googling, I've found some references to the APN, but I'm not sure what to put or even the correct format for the file to play around with it. Any pointers in the right direction, or if somebody has gotten this to work on Straight Talk I would be very grateful. I'm not opposed to switch carriers, so if you have a PinePhone and its working with your carrier, let me know (US carriers). Thanks!

  • @rhysers Getting the pinephone to work on. Verizon is tricky, and has been discussed in multiple threads in the pine64 forum. Basically it involves calling verizon and inputting a code after telling them it's a verizon certified EG25g modem. Or, you can just use US Mobile with the Verizon SIM and avoid the hassle. I read Visible will work as well.

    Rather than post just one thread, i'll post a collection:

    The wiki is not accurate for Verizon because the above posts show success, but it does contain useful apn info

  • @rocket2nfinity
    Sorry huge delay due to having to wait for replacement micro SIM adapter (my loving wife threw away my pinephone box 😲 so I had to order a new one.
    I've tried using the APN settings for TracFone as that is actually what shows on my iPhone with this SIM. Still doesn't get any bars. What do I try next?

  • @rhysers You first need to find out who has the strongest signal in your area. Pick your service based on that. iPhone and android have apps to help you determine that. Opensignal is a good one.

    Assuming verizon is it, and you still don't have bars, take it somewhere where you do, then try to activate service. If all goes well, you can buy a cell repeater for your home or just use wifi at home. Pinephone is sometimes slow to read and act on apn info from your sim card. It could take up to an hour. Make sure some combination with 4g is selected in networking, and data is on. If it does not register, search the apn settings for your service and try to input them manually, then reboot.

  • @rhysers Also, flash mobian or another OS with known good networking, onto an SD card and try with that. Several folks on the pinephone forums could not get networking to set up a new sim with UT, but could with Mobian. Maybe some difference between how ofono works vs nmcli.

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