Nexus 5 (Hammerhead) ubuntu touch reinstall support

  • So I purchased this preinstalled ubuntu touch nexus 5 the other day and was wanting to try to flash another os on it but like a dummy I thought it was a bright idea to go into the fastboot/ubports Recovery and press "Wipe data/factory reset & Wipe cache partition & media" on both android and ubuntu files and now I'm lost on how to reinstall ubuntu touch... I've tried the ubports installer but when it boots back up the main black screen with ubports keeps turning on and off. Someone please help me. I feel so dumb..

  • @joshtop Restore a factory image for Nexus 5 from here
    or here

    Best to pick one between android 5 and 7, any will do.

    Also, plenty of help on how to in the forums. Just search "nexus 5". If you bought one because you don't know how to do any of that, there is the Nexus 5 tool, that does most of it for you in the Nexus 5 vs Nexus 5X thread. Only works on windows though.

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