Nexus 4 won't ring when receiving call

  • I have a Nexus 4 which was previously used with Ubuntu Touch. I'm currently using ubports "Ubuntu 15.04 (r85)" and can not get any ring or tone when receiving a phone call or text. The speakers are up and working, as I can listen to youtube. When I go to sound settings and change ringtones there is no audible cue as to the new sound.

  • Hi, I am on BQ E5 and have the problem sometimes too. After restart the Device the problem on my phone is away.
    But I think you have try this out before you have opened the tread.

  • Yes, thanks though. This one didn't ring from first boot and through one re-install and dozens of restarts. What seems odd is that speakers work for other things and the ring doesn't come through a headphone set either.

  • @dshimer This look very similar to the already reported issues for N4. You could have a look at the mako issues on github.

  • Is there a bug about this issue? I didn't see one and being just a non-developer enthusiast/user I'm wanting to figure out if this is just a problem for me or if it is something I should report, along with guidance on what information I need to have to do so properly.

  • @dshimer It's not a very clear report, but I think issue #71 on the ubports github seems to be very similar. Also #63 is expected to be a related bug report.

  • It is a shame, this problem they do not want to solve it.
    He installs lineage 14 that it works of marvel.
    This Ubuntu touch died!!!!
    Only they worry about writing, about writing and writing in the group of ubports in telegram.
    And the curious thing is that they do it from a device android, since in ubuntu touch does not work!!!!!

  • @fmulcar Are you complaining about us being too slow or not on focus? Whats your contribution to Telegram to get supergroups working? Send me your PRs please...

    Or, be silent.

    BR Florian

  • Ok, so as I said I'm just a user/enthusiast. I drop a few bucks via Patreon because I love this phone OS, but I would also happily do anything else if I knew how. I'm also new to github bug reading and reporting. When I look at #71 I see it is closed but does that mean it should be fixed. Is there any way to find out if this affects every single Nexus 4 which I would assume makes that device unusable or if there is something particular about certain devices which might benefit from providing information. I'm just really timid about jumping in with distracting or foolish information and questions when there is so much on the plates of the folks actually doing the work.

  • @dshimer Same with me. I do my best trying to help and not distract these guys in their efforts to pull this nice initiative forward.

    I believe issue #71 was closed due to being assumed to be a duplicate of issue #63. But there is no explicit comment as far as I know.

    I think this is common to many ubports N4, is my judgment from reading several comments about it.

  • Ok thanks, I'll flash it back to straight U.T. with stable because my use case is %95 phone and texting but will try to keep an eye on this, and maybe try again in the future.

  • I think that is the only option at the moment, and also what I do. N4 with latest UT from Canonical is good enough as a daily driver phone I think, it's just that it would be nice to be on ubports image and receive improvements. 🙂

  • I just reinstalled using the latest method after OTA-2 and the sounds now all work properly. Early days and I haven't tested anything yet, but I hope to now put it into daily use and will track how things work.

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