[VollaPhone] Carrier registeration lost during boot

  • To whom it may concern.

    I encounter this strange behavior with Phone: VollaPhone (OS: 2020-08-29/2 and also OS: 2020-08-30)

    Steps processed:

    1. Boot smartphone.
    2. Enter SIM 1 - pin.
    3. Registration with phone provider takes place successfully, network icon is ACTIVE.
    4. Do nothing, network icon is getting INACTIVE.
    5. Enter pin for the device.
    6. Network icon remains INACTIVE.
    7. Checking in network settings.
      SIM 1 is shown as "Unregistered", carrier is available (automatically pulled).

    Turning flight mode on/off did not help.

    Reboot the phone several times & if this does not help try:

    1. Boot smartphone.
    2. Do not enter pin of SIM 1.
    3. Enter pin for the device.
    4. Open network from icon bar and choose "Unlock SIM" .
    5. Enter pin for SIM 1.
    6. If the icon is not getting activated:
      Activate flight mode and deactivate flight mode.

    Is this a common, known issue or more device specific?
    Any idea?

  • @Tellina It might be interesting to check and mention if necessary your problem here (beta volla phone testers) : https://github.com/HelloVolla/ubuntu-touch-beta-tests/issues

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