Aquaris M10 Upgrade Stuck in bootloader

  • Greetings,
    I have an Aquaris M10 FHD Tablet running Ubuntu Touch 15.04 when it locked up with UBPorts Installer 0.4.18-Beta during download of Ubuntu 16.0... apparently lost connection due to flaky cable...
    Now its stuck in Recovery where I can only Reboot to bootloader, clear cache, view log files or shutdown. Reboot gets stuck in Ubuntu opening logo.
    I sent Bug Report to GitHub with error logs.
    Can anyone advise me what I can do now?
    I hope its not Bricked?
    Appreciate anyone's help.
    George in Florida

  • You could reflash Ubuntu stable 8 with spflashtool ,puts you back on the original Ubuntu Touch
    Then reinstall Ubports (Ubuntu-Touch ) with the installer.
    In SpFlashtool do not use the "FORMAT all " Option /
    download or upgrade options only

    Or give it some time , see what others say

  • Try clearing the cache from recovery and re running the installer. In theory if fastboot and adb see the device the installer should be able to work. So clear cache then reboot to bootloader and try the installer again.. If you are on Windows use 15 sec adb from xda developers. As a last resort is there not a factory reset option in the recovery/bootloader options.

  • Successful Install today!!

    Needed to WIPE All User Data to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04
    I guess not enough working memory...

    Thank you for all your help!

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