The reply button crashes my Dekko2 client

  • Hi folks,

    Im running Dekko2 as my email client on Ubuntu Touch on a Sony Xperia X.
    Im using the dev channel.

    Every time I try to reply to an email, dekko2 crashes. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Best wishes,


  • @wayne_tbt
    I checked this on GigaSet/VollaPhone (using IMAP, because POP3 does not work at the moment) and Dekko2 is not crashing when pressing the reply button.
    But I noticed, that the origin sender is lost and I have to add the information again. Additionally if I reply to a mail with is containing an attachment this one is also not attached to the reply. (But this might be by design).
    But maybe you can discuss this here on telegram: if you have telegram.
    Just for curiosity, you are using IMAP or POP and you set up an identity as default?

  • @wayne_tbt
    No crash on OP 3T either, using IMAP

    Replied email (to my own address) is moved to 'Concepts' folder (not sent directly and moved to 'Sent items' folder) and strangely left in queue, unable to send from there. On the receiving end the inbox keeps hanging when pulling down to receive the message. Only after rebooting Dekko 2 the message in 'Concepts' can be send and be received in Inbox successfully.

  • @Tellina

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am using IMAP email on the dekko client.

    Pressing the reply icon just crashes dekko for me.

    I'll join the telegram group.



  • @wayne_tbt

    This has been sorted by confirming the settings in my Dekko Account. The app crashed because I was using PLAIN for authentication instead of the LOGIN option.

    Many thanks to Stefan over at the Dekko telegram group for helping me work throught the issue.

  • @wayne_tbt Ok, great to hear. Thanks for sharing the reason how to fix this issue.

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