Webber page zoom?

  • Hi all,

    Morph web browser allows you to set a page zoom level for specific sites, but having just set up a Webber web app for a page on my server, I can't find a way to set the page zoom level to make it fit my phone nicely.

    I get a decent zoom fit in Morph, I just wanted rid of the URL bar to maximize screen space, so am trying Webber.

    Thanks, Scott

  • Long press somewhere on the page without text and the zoom settings should appear in the popup menu.

    Webapps do havle the same zoom features, just a bit less obvious.

  • @Giiba
    perfect! thank you so much! seems that 50% of my questions are about hoe to find menus!

    Can a mod please mark this as solved? (can't get to the option on my oneplus one).

    thanks, Scott

  • @scottbouch

    You can find it in the "Topic Tools", first "Ask a question" then "Mark as solved" IIRC.

  • @AppLee thanks yeah, the way my oneplus one displays the forum, I can tap on the gear, but the menu hangs off the bottom of the screen so I can't mark as solved... bit of a pain as every thread of mine has to be solved by a moderator.

    I have tried zooming the page out, but it doesn't help.

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