Flas sleep timer

  • Flas is a great Radio App. Thanks for it. But is it possible to ad a sleep timer and/ or an wake up radio alarm? This would be wonderfull.

  • The work of the original developer was very nice indeed.

    Flas uses MediaHub to play audio when screen is locked, the app in the background, etc. so it cannot send (as far as I know) a signal to shut down or a specific time of the audio duration.

    A workaround could be leaving the screen on, so Flas can send that signal. Something I'm not sure if I want to add as kills the idea of MediaHub (and the device battery).

    For the wake up alarm I don't know if the alarm can start an app. So, merge requests are welcome: https://gitlab.com/cibersheep/flas

  • Maybe Openradio got this functionality?

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