How to invert (flip) screen, like xrandr -x command in Ubuntu?

  • I have special reason to using my phone in dairy or in car, with flip x-asix screen, but how I do it like I do in nomal Ubuntu? I don't know whether Ubuntu Touch uses X system or not? (I 'm going to buy a phone that could install Ubuntu Touch for that reason. Thank you so much for help!

  • I don't really understand. Do you mean "flip" as in, now I can only read the text when looking at the screen in a mirror? I don't think there is any such feature. If this is actually what you are asking for, I can't help but ask you for more details about your special reason. I'm too curious!

    I also don't know what dairy means or what xrandr -x does ...

    If you talk about rotation, like turning it sideways right or left into landscape, or upside down, then yes, Ubuntu Touch generally supports this. There are a few stubborn parts that will not rotate at all, or not all 4 directions, like the lock screen and some apps.

  • No, UT does not use X. It uses mir on android devices and mir/wayland on the RPi/Pine64 devices. I don't understand your use case but if you really want it they maybe try to read some mir docs and see if it's possible.

  • Thank you @doniks and @kugiigi for caring my topic. This seem be my special use case, or people using this mode to be a HUD device in car. With Iphone, there is a jaibreak tweak for this option called "Heads Up Display Mode" in Cydia.
    My purpose is to pratice getting used to mirror texts when using computer and phone. I 'm a left-hander and I have a kind of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that I have to write by left hand. I belive that is the way people rebalance both hand and both halfs of body (in controlling). We all know that the balance of body is very important, in allmost kind of physical sport activities.
    I don't know how to make it flip mirror screen permanently in android rom, so I find some other os, that closer to pure linux. But I found that all of them was base on Wayland, not X system. And document about Wayland seem not popular and easy enough for me to program st for that.
    If I fail in android devices, maybe the simplest way is get a Iphone. However, I don't like Iphone much!

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