bq aquaris 4.5 and mini dac support

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    Looks like I answered my own question. I tried a usbc dongle dac plugged in to a usbc to micro usb adapter and when it's plugged in to my phone, the audio is not routed through the plugged in dac. Using dmesg I get the following:

    usb 1-1:New high speed USB device number 7 using musb-hdrc
    input:Generic TX 384kb Hifi Type-c Audio as /devices/platform/mt_usb/musb-hdrc.0/usb1/1-1/1:1.2/input/input10
    hid-generic 0003:0BDA:492F.0006: input: USB HID v1.11 Device [Generic TX 384kb Hifi Type_C Audio] on usb-musb-hdrc.0-1/input2

    Looks like this has no chance of working?

  • @Tominto Best not to keep opening new threads on the same issue, there are now three open. I will lock your other and leave this one as all the links are here. If things are in the wrong place we will either move them or let you know Thanks.

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