Pinephone deep sleep (CRUST)

  • I've touched on this issue over on the Pinephone forum, but there's a general OS issue which should probably get a little coverage here.

    They've enabled a power management processor (termed "CRUST") which basically turns off almost all of the phone except the cell modem. The win is that they get great standby numbers, and a text can wake up the phone.

    Downsides: phone calls often can't get answered due to the phone not waking up fast enough. XMPP is right off the table, as is Wifi. And you can't listen to music on your earbuds--as soon as the screen goes off, so does everything except that cell modem.

    It's a real pity, as the ubports for the Pinephone is far and away the most polished OS for the device. Definitely daily driver quality. But the power management makes it impossible.

  • @vandys Thank you for your post. Obviously you taking your time to make it shows this is important to you.

    You can rest assured that this problem is actively being mulled over by the dev team, if not actively worked on. As you can imagine it is a thorny problem as an important requirement for a daily driver is decent battery life. As the PinePhone's hardware has never before been encountered by the different mobile Linux Projects, including UBports, development on it is a voyage of discovery.
    You can be sure that the current state of affairs will not be the final state of affairs.

  • I think it's a general issue with crust across the different distros on the pinephone. It's a fairly new thing so I believe it can be improved by the pinephone cimmunity and eventually supports other functionalities such as media playback and GPS.

  • Thanks @vandys for bringing up this topic.

    I take the liberty to move your post to the OS category.
    That will be more suitable than "Porting".

    Thanks for understanding.

  • @kugiigi And it's not specific to CRUST. Ubuntu Phone devs wanted all apps to be SIGSTOP'ed except when the screen was on and the app focused. And then background downloads, music playing, messaging, .... All sorts of exceptions cropped up.

    Google's latest Android is ferociously aggressive in not running apps (even when selected for no "battery optimization"). Resulting in people not getting messages until their friends have long gone to lunch together without them.

    So CRUST is just an outlying data point of what can happen when battery optimizations are pursued without a context of usability.

    And thank you to the devs for responding so quickly! I'm glad this issue is on your radar screen.

  • Music shouldn't stop when locking the screen. That was a bug that is supposedly fixed in dev channel

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