Bluetooth crashes FP2 in OTA-13 (SOLVED)

  • Hello all ! I know bluetooth always had issues going on different devices and I apologize if I bring up known issues - but i don't think so. Bluetooth worked fine for me on FP2, until OTA-13. Yesterday i tried connecting to a bluetooth speaker: it connects, but sound is blocked from playing (on phone or speaker) and bluetooth activator button seems to become unresponsive: that is it doesn't affect connection state, and the bluetooth icon stays in the upper tray. In this state, a number of other things seem to fail: morph and music app noticeably shut down at startup - I had to reboot, to get rid of the indicator and bugs. I'll issue a bug report. Cheers

  • For me, my bluetooth speaker (JBL Clip 2) works even better after OTA-13. Now I'm on rc channel, and BT speaker still works. But I had such experience with my previous BT speaker (JBL Go). The difference between them is (among other) bluetooth version they use (Go: 4.1, Clip2: 4.2). What am I trying to say is, there are many speakers with different BT versions in use, so when making a bug report, don't forget to report the speaker parameters too. 😉

    Edit: Can't test my prev speaker (Go), it's not among us anymore.

  • @jezek ok i'll do that

  • Indeed it works fine with other bluetooth speakers. I'll markthis solved

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