How come Firefox is not standard in UT?

  • I want to know why Firefox is not standard in UT. It's
    pretty much standard in most other Linux formats. Firefox is default in them.

    Also I want to know why they picked Morph Browser. This browser don't work with banking, many stores, and other websites.

    I can't stop it from tracking me, I Can't modifiy it and I just don't like it

  • Firefox is built for desktop computers and Android, using technologies that are not native to Ubuntu Touch. The resulting experience would be much more unresponsive than the Morph browser.

    The Morph browser was not chosen for Ubuntu Touch - it was (and is still being) developed for it.

    That being said, nothing is stopping you from installing Firefox in Ubuntu Touch - the desktop version is known to run alright under Libertine:

    You could also try installing the Android version in Anbox if you wish. I imagine this would prove much more difficult.

    Personally I'm quite impressed by the Morph browser - I like it much better than any other browser I've tried that is not based on Firefox or Chromium. 🙂

  • @potet I been trying to install Firefox for almost a month. Not having any luck.

    but I didn't see that link you posted before. So I will try that method.

  • Haven't tried it myself yet to be fair, only saw the user there say it didn't pose too many problems. Might havr changed since then, wheels are always spinning. Good luck!

  • Before installing a first package through libertine, the longest thing is the creation of a first container: if my memories are good, it can last between 15 and 20 minutes, so don't worry if the wheel is spinning during that time. When the process is complete, there will be a message saying so. So there is no point in interrupting it otherwise everything has to be started again and time is lost! Installing a package can also take several minutes.

  • @DaveNotHere said in How come Firefox is not standard in UT?:

    I Can't modifiy it

    That's not true. The browser code is openly available for to do wat you want with.

    I agree it would be nice to have Firefox on UT, but Mozilla would need to create a Qt front-end (or someone else I guess) for that to happen.

    I don't know much about the online banking issue beyond Morph doing fine with my institution's system. Is it about invasive identity gathering features available on other platforms and not UT? Morph scores higher than most on a html5 spec test, see:

  • @DaveNotHere many issues have been solved with OTA-13. Are you on OTA-13?

  • @thilov I don't even know I just know it's ubuntu touch on a nexus 5 cellphone

  • @DaveNotHere Open the settings app and search for updates.

  • First of all, the UI of Firefox isn't responsive or convergent so it's barely usable on small screens. Other distros on the Pinephone/Pinetab has some workarounds but it's still not as usable as the Morph browser on smaller screens. Another factor is that on android-based UT devices, pure Mir is used which Firefox does not support and probably will never do. However, UT will be transitioning to wayland on Mir, which the Pinephone/Pinetab already use, and once that's fully done then I would think it'll be easier to user Firefox on UT with decent performance. At the moment, it'll be slow on Libertine/Xmir.

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