FairPhone 2 won't install.

  • I have spent over 2 hours trying to install ubuntu touch on my fairphone 2 without success.

    The installer keeps loosing connection to the device and I have used several different usb leads. Then I get messages that the installer has bugs and on the phone, the android robot has a ! in a red triangle and the words below 'No Command'

    I have enabled developer mode and usb debugging but nothing is working.

    for some reason, the ubports welcome screen has been installed onto the phone but the OS remains android.

    I have successfully installed on a One Plus One and Nexus 5 but the fairphone 2 is impossible.

    any suggestions?


  • The only time I had trouble installing Ubuntu Touch on FP2, was when I misread the instructions and rebooted using Volume Up + Power off. Or was it Volume Down + Power off? It took me half a day realizing that. I was mad at myself, I consider myself to be good at these kind of things, but in the end reading with comprehension failed me.

  • yes, I followed the instructions and sometimes it gets to recovery mode on the phone but on the installer it is searching for adb devices and a message pops up saying it has lost connection.

  • I now get a message on the installer:

    Error: configure: Error: fetching system image channels failed: Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN system-image.ubports.com

  • @w0lf3n
    Have you tried different cables ?
    That's a common issue when the connection is loose hence lost connection...

  • @AppLee

    yes, I have tried different cables but still having issues.

  • OK, so I just ignored the error message and got the phone into recovery mode, whilst the installer was downloading the image.

    I left the phone alone and left the room and came back 15 minutes later and the image has been flashed to the phone. Everything seems to have worked.

  • @AppLee I had suggested one time to have some clear instructions in the UT installer, right before flashing the image on the phone, something like:

    • if you have a functional Android phone on which you want to install UT, please do the following tests before proceeding, just to check that your USB cable and phone are ok from the hardware point of view, like:
      - connect your Android phone to a PC and see if you can transfer files back and forth; if ok, use that cable.
      - check your SIM, calling, volume buttons, Wifi, Bluetooth, notification LED, etc. whatever hardware functionality you might think;
      In this way, if someone bought a refurbished Android phone, they can do a hardware healthy check and not jump directly to the flashing step.
      I know from my case that I didn't bother to do these tests. Luckily, I only had some problems with the USB cable.
      Hope someone out there is listening, otherwise we'll meet these situations still.

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