Revisiting flatpak: Mobian App List

  • I know that flatpak has been discussed in the past, with the common feedback being that there are many flatpak apps unsuitable for mobile, so it isn't a priority to consider implementing flatpak.

    With recent pinephone developer communities, however, many have started using and recommending flatpak apps that use responsive design. Many of the apps recommended for mobian, for example are installed using flatpak:

    Some examples are "foliate" (epub reader), "podcasts", "cawbird", etc. All work reasonably well under mobile.

    So, I suggest that integrating flatpak to enable flatpak app installation would be a big win for Ubuntu Touch: it would reduce the pressure on custom click apps only to meet the immediate needs of users.

    Possibly a move to 20.04 base is needed first before flatpak would run decently, but I think flatpak support for 16.04 is good enough?

  • I guess those apps are also available via deb o repo? Technically those apps should already work on UT if they support wayland and can be compiled for Ubuntu 16.04. Otherwise, we have to wait for xwayland to work and rebasing to 20.04. I think those are more priority than flatpak to get those apps working on UT. Of course, getting flatpak support would be good 🙂

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