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  • Please, i would like your help.
    Viber is important for many people. Is there any way to be installed?
    Because, becoming a root user (sudo -s), normally should had given me the abillity to install any deb package (dpkg -i xxxx.deb). Unfortunatelly, this was not able to be done.

    And instead of viber, there is a number of other usefull apps, such as vim, putty, teamviewer etc.

    Please, I would like your help.
    Thank you

  • @Stam26 UT doesn't work like a regular Linux Desktop distro, that means you cannot install packages that are designed for Desktop into a mobile environment. It can be done using Libertine, but is not that straight forward. The root is read-only to prevent bricking your phone. You can make it r/w though, but YOU NEED TO KNOW what you are doing.

  • @Stam26
    Ubuntu Touch is not an ordinary OS.
    The root filesystem is read only because the OTA is based on an image.

    If you want to install more traditional softwares to your device, the proper way to do it is by setting a Libertine container and then install it within the container.

    Same answer as your question here:

  • I am pretty sure you would not be able to get Viber to work even in a Libertine container - because I believe the deb available for download from their website is for amd64 and does not have an armhf or arm64 build available. Viber also needs a mobile device to be activated with it to use their Linux desktop app, so you would still need to keep an Android or iOS device with Viber on it in order to even attempt to get it to work in Libertine (which again, I am pretty sure is not possible, as source code is not available for it to build armhf deb or clickable to the best of my knowledge, as Viber is not open source).

    Alternatives to Viber that are available that are well supported for messaging in Ubuntu Touch are Telegram (via TELEports app), Signal (Axolotl app), and Matrix (Fluffy Chat app). Also, Wire can be made to work although clunkily via webapp.

    Be aware that currently no video chat is supported for any app yet in Ubuntu Touch though.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Thank you very much all

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