FP2 simcard randomly disconnects

  • Since OTA-13, it happens that I lose cellular connection (not only data) time and time again. The simcard is not detected, and cellular data button is grayed out, just like with the flight mode bug. I thought it had to be a physical issue, since FP2 is full of these; but as it happens, rebooting the phone always fixes it. I'm trying to trace this issue to something i might be doing, but i'm starting to think it's indeed random.

  • @Emphrath I may have experienced that 2 or 3 times too. Not very often then.

  • @Fla yeah it's relatively rare

  • As of today, I discovered a variant of this bug: the simcard asks for my pin number to connect to the network - it's slightly less annoying since I don't have to reboot. Are there any logs I should check ?

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