Best template app for a qtquick2 based webapp?

  • I am thinking of modernizing my qtquick1 webapps to a newer base with qtquick2. Ideally I would not like to start from scratch but re-utilize an existing app.

    @kugiigi seems to have one with pesbuk, but I am not sure if it is already updated to the newest qtwebengine (or is that done automatically in the background?).

    Any other, maybe slightly less complex apps to check out as a template? pesbuk seems to include a c++ component for a push notification hack that I might not need.

    Thanks for suggestions 🙂

  • If an app imports Morph.Web instead of directly importing QtWebEngine then it should automatically be using the latest version installed in the OS. The C++ part of Pesbuk is very minimal and the main part is just for executing the program. The push parts are standard codes that can be removed easily. I actually planned to create a template with the same UI/UX for Webapp creator but I wasn't able to really move forward with that idea and now Webber is mostly used and it seems that webapp creator isn't maintained much.

  • I see. Is there any disadvantage of importing Morph.Web?

  • @poVoq I'm not sure but it is the recommended way of embedding webviews so that it has most of the features implemented in the morph browser and standard webapps.

  • Strange that all the Qtquick based webapps seem to import directly qtwebengine 1.7 then (including pesbuk I think?). You know an example app that uses morph.web?

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