Nexus 4 convergence and location

  • I team,

    I have been playing with my little nexus 4 for a few months and decided to get a slimport adapter.

    Got a mydp slimport but cannot get it to show anything on screen.

    Tried different cables, different screens (tv, monitors, projector) nothing, all black screen.
    I can charge the phone trough the slimport adapter when adding the usb cable in.

    Any ideas or know issues?
    I'm on OTA-13 (16.04)

    Aside of the convergence, I have noticed that if I disable location services then to re enable I have to do a bit of mockery.

    When I re enable location, and change screens, location is grey turns itself off again. the only way to get location on again is to enable in settings and restart the device and there is a 50-50 chance it will work or will have to try again until it randomly will set location on.

    Any suggestions welcome.


  • Slimport can be really finicky so you just have to try different combinations. Also, check if the microUSB port on your Nexus 4 is fine. Try connecting it to a PC and see if it's detected for MTP. Otherwise it might also be the reason why slimport does not work.

    As for the location, not sure if I understand your issue correctly but the location only turns into a "filled" icon when it's being used by the current app. Otherwise, it's the hollow icon.

  • I don't know if there is any differents between N4 and the N5 when it comes to working Slimport adapters. The one I'm using to my N5 is the SLIM-1000-K from Deltaco. It detects my tv but not my monitor that has displayport/DVI-D with hdmi adapter in between.

  • Sorry for my delay comming back.

    I have ordered a anotger slimport now will try and see how it goes.

    Regarding the location.
    When toggled OFF from notification center. Can't toggle back ON. The animation toggles green but when switching screens it remains OFF greyed. I check on settings and is toggled OFF, greyed. I toggle ON greenfrom the settings menu and change screens and it sets itself OFF greyed again. The only way to get it stay toggle ON and actually working isto, toggle ON under settings and from the same screen to press the power button to turn off the device and then turn it back on and voila location works again.

    Ill make a video and upload it to explain better.

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