Morph browser navigation

  • While I think I have discovered most of the common functions of a Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch OTA13 I still struggle with navigating the Morph browser. In particular I have not found a way to return to the previous page or to switch tabs. I welcome any help to solve these problems.
    [1] How to go back one page at a time? The < icon is dim and does not work.
    [2] How to change tabs? I see a number at the bottom of the screen which I assume indicates the number of open tabs, but tapping, pressing or swiping only opens a select/copy/share/zoom menu.

  • Swiping from the bottom of your screen should open a list of tabs. A quick swipe will open the previously used tab, a longer one will show you an overview of all open tabs.

    The back button should work as in any other browser. If it's grayed out, maybe you opened the current page in a new tab or in a new window?

    Ubuntu Touch is like a desktop OS in the sense that you can have multiple windows of the browser running at the same time, each with their separate tabs open.

    Swiping up to show the list of tabs will only work when the keyboard is not open. 🙂

  • @potet
    Thank you. I realise all that but I could not get it to work. Eventually I found the problem to be that I was swiping up from the bottom edge of the visible display, when what I needed to do was swipe up from the bottom of the glass which is over half an inch further down.
    All's well that ends well.

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