Noob with Meizu pro 5

  • I'm very impressed so far.. but as a truck driver, bt is very important.. the BT connects and works great for music and video etc, but phone calls are so loud and distorted I'm unable to understand anything... I've got the latest updates...

    Any help appreciated


  • @velo27
    Hi, bluetooth is known to be flickery. It works fine with some devices and doesn't work at all with others.

    Recently there were improvements made on this front, but still it's not perfect.
    There is work done towards upgrading bluezd but it's heavy work because of the dependencies.

    Sorry I don't know a way to improve your current behavior...

    Does anyone has a BT device working nicely with UT ?
    That would be the best short term solution.

  • @velo27 BT calling on Meizu Pro 5 never worked correctly. Not even back on Canonical 15.04 Vivid build. There were numerous bugs reported regarding this, but no one seems to be able fix it until now.

    I heard that on Oneplus One is BT calling working correctly at the moment, don't know about other devices.
    Would be great, if people share their experiences with BT calling.
    Fingers crossed for someone to be able to fix this issue on UT.

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