TELEport: One new chat partner is blocking the app while scrolling

  • I have a colleague as contact and chat partner in TELEports. Since yesterday he is using a second SIM in his mobile and with this I have him as a second contact in TELEports. While all chats with any other of my ~30 contacts does not show the problem, when I go to this new chats and scroll up or down, the app TELEports blocks for a while (some 10 secs) any other input in its GUI. What can I do to nail this down?



  • I've investigated it last night. The chat in question contained some longish posts (forwarded mails) and rendering this made TELEports block for around 20 seconds. I deleted them and all was fine. I now resent 100 lines of /etc/services file and it blocks again.

    The older unsupported telegram app has no problem and no delay showing the 100 lines.

    There must be a problem or bug in TELEports or in the infrastructure to render text to the GUI.


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