• Hi Y'all,

    I'm pretty new to this and new some help setting up my Nexus 5. So far I was able to get UB touch installed fine on the device but I'm having issues with either with my APN settings or just cell stuff in General? I have AT&T and I'm able to send/receive messages fine on the device but am unable to receive/make calls. What should I be doing?

    My APN Settings:
    Proxy Not set
    Port Not set
    Username Not set
    Password Not set
    Server Not set
    MMSC http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
    MMS proxy proxy.mobile.att.net
    MMS port 80

    Is there a common problem with GMS networks and UB Touch that I'm unaware of? Should I Be looking somewhere else? Sorry if this question seems kinda stupid, I just don't know what to do from here? It may be a problem with the phone itself, but I'm not sure? Anyway, I would appreciate any help/feedback. Thank you!

  • @JawSoda Are you able to use data? If so, then it seems AT&T may be accelerating their 2g/3g termination schedule. I have read many reports that T-mobile is no longer allowing non-VoLTE capable devices, such as the Nexus 5, on their network. They are scheduled to sunset 2g/3g service Feb 2021. AT&T had planned to keep 2g/3g service going until Jan 2022. However they did advise they would start blocking new non-VoLTE devices before then. There was a question as to whether they would continue to allow them as data only devices. This might provide an answer.

    Before getting concerned about that though, try these APN combinations https://www.4gapn.com/us/en/att

  • Also be sure to select 2g/3g/4g in networking settings

  • @JawSoda in the APN settings you can select multiple instances: internet, LTE, MMS. Make sure each one is properly set.

  • I am having a similar problem with Nexus 5. Everything was working fine for months and without any setting being changed no longer getting 4g no data or mms working.
    Tried the basic stuff updating to most recent Ubuntu Os and erase and reset phone with no luck. Cell service is drastically worse than previously.
    Trying to narrow the issue down as it could be Ol Nexus phone, Sim card provider, Att or ubuntu touch. Im leaning towards Att switched something.

  • @rocket2nfinity @lburners @C0n57an71n So I tried changing the APN Setting like you all recommended but still nothing worked? I was checking things out on the AT&T forums and its seems like a unsolvable issue? AT&T did something? and I'm unfortunately unable to switch carriers at the moment. Sad to hear. Either way
    Thank you all! Imma try to sell this thing and hope that I can find another phone to work. Lets hope for Newer phones getting a UB-port!

  • @JawSoda If you have an Android phone, try installing gNTrack app and use the same SIM card. This app would show you all the information about cell network, strenght, carrier, etc. Maybe you can pin-point what changed (although is little bit hard to compare as you didn't test the network before the change).

  • @JawSoda This could be happening because the Nexus 5 does not have a VoLTE radio package even though it has a VoLTE capable chip. We've discussed this in several threads. In short, all US carriers are, or have moved to VoLTE only. Any non-VoLTE capable phones will be not usable by default, or by design via whitelists. This will be completed by Jan 2022 at the latest, and quite probably earlier. In my area, it has already happened.

    If you're looking for something cheap but really nice to replace it with, I would suggest the Nexus6P. It's mostly finished, except hotspot, and has a great camera, screen, audio, and the fastest GPS i've seen yet on UT. The N6P has a known hardware problem, but UT has a build that works quite nicely for those units with the 4-core problem. On all 8 cores, it's awesome. And it does have functioning VoLTE. I'm using it on a VoLTE only carrier now.

  • @JawSoda The Pixel 3a also has a build in progress. I think the N6P build is further along. Search for both in the forums.

  • How about the Sony? Does that have the Volte package? Just trying to figure out my options on phones so I can scour a deal on ebay. I was getting the Nexus 5s for like 40$
    Just looking at a review of the 6p and it looks pretty big.

  • @lburners The N6P is a big phone. The Pixel3a is just a little longer than the N5, but same width.

    VoLTE support is a crapshoot. UT has no control over it, although they are working on the problem. It either is, or isn't, independently functioning on it's own. Search the forums to see if it's working for anybody on your prefered device. I do know it works on the N6P and the Pinephone, since I own them.

  • Just picked up a 6p going to give that a shot.

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