Shop, deiffrent enviroments, slogans, famous people etc.

  • Hi,

    I was thinking about how to make Ubuntu Touch more popular and how to get porters.

    1 - Way of thinking

    Ok so, Ubuntu Touch is connected with slogans like "Real linux distributions for mobile devices" from we can be proud of.

    But it's not connected whatsoever with ordinary devices. I won't find it if I don't search for what exactly Ubuntu Touch is. However to become a strong alternative to android UT needs to be popular. So we need to appear in many environments somehow connected with mobile devices

    2 - devs, our brothers

    Nowadays there are mass of custom roms avaliable for almost any phone. Devices are continuously maintained, trees are updated.
    But where does it happen? Mostly on XDA.

    What do you think about joining officialy XDA. Writing an articles that will be on the first site on XDA feed. Maybe this will help experienced developers to know something about UBports and join this forum and they could help with porting UT to new devices?

    *Note that started as I have just read about new xda phone! My goal is to keep beeing visible there ans post UT ports as threads like custom roms for those who doesn't follow feed.

    3 - foolproof

    Why iOS is so popular? Things become popular because they are easy to use, easy to install, easy to manage, easy to be turned on/off. Unfortunately GUI is important for those who are annoyed of something and want to make a change.

    Other thing here is porting to new devices. Noob porters like me needs to have step by step documentation to help grow UT.

    4 - Privacy

    We know what is massive surveillance preinstalled in our phones bought from ordinary market. I see now pissed off people that just want to have simple mobile which is not watching or hearing him/her 24/7. So popularizing UT in some privacy oriented communities may help.

    5 - Easy to get - marketing

    Ubuntu Touch needs to be first operating system that will be preinstalled on device. It's happening: PinePhone , VollaPhone and f(x)tec Pro1 but To achieve success we need something bigger - UBports shop, where you can buy any Ubuntu Touch supported phone, new or used and million stuff connected, logos, shirts but it needs to be together. This can make feel the someone belongs to group.

    How to organise this shop... It's harder. I suppose that it might be something like association of people on the whole world, that can buy or transfer some devices flash and sell locally.

    I go to the official ubports site and then I see big button called buy.
    Inside there will be map of the world which tells you where it's available to buy now or order. Then you will have filters: ram internal storage brand etc. Like in normal shop. And offers, contact.

    (if billing will be organized without any mess I can be a volunteer, my government does search for people who are the "sly-ones" but I'd really love to help!)

    6 - Promotion

    Famous people, unfortunately It might be irritating but when someone popular will have such a device... Who knows

    On the other hand, we have our families, friends. Why not to try introduce them Ubuntu Touch device? This way I convinced e.g. my dad to switch!

    9 - try before you buy

    You know, I like to test things before I buy something. Probably most people. So if we don't want to search youtube for old reviews we could start virtual machine on the ubports site with every channel. Like in android studio. You know. You are using virtual phone.

    10 - documentation organized

    It'd be great if we could share our knowledge in ordered way in one place. Some tricky things are known by specialists but not everyone. We could have split documentation starting from really basic things, ending on porting etc. It could also be written by community guys.

    Feel free to comment, correct me 🙂

    First post changelog

    I may remember something later, that's why

    • 2020.10.27 - removed statements, because there were not exactly the true and we should be ethical. So just left idea. mistakes corrected,
    • 2020.10.26 - topic creation

  • While I agree that we might need to make our public communications less technical to reach the non-technical user, I feel it is important not to sacrifice accuracy in the process.

    @BigB said in Shop, deiffrent enviroments, slogans, famous people etc.:

    What is the best custom rom? - Ubuntu Touch
    New interesting featured custom rom - Ubuntu touch

    Ubuntu Touch is not a custom ROM. While the non-technical user we are targeting might not know, or care, about the distinction, we want to avoid any semblance of deception, as that will surely backfire down the line.

    What is the most secure mobile OS - Ubuntu Touch

    This is a claim I am uncomfortable with. While Ubuntu Touch does not spy on the user, there are aspects of the OS that render it arguably less secure than the major players, such as the inability to lock the bootloader, or encrypt the data partition. Such a bold claim that Ubuntu Touch is the most secure of the mobile OS's is untenable.

    What is the most advanced mobile OS - Ubuntu Touch

    What metric would this claim be based on? I doubt, at the current stage of development, it would be any metric that is meaningful to the non-technical user who would be the target of these communications.

    I am a huge fan of Ubuntu Touch, and I realise that sometimes grandiose claims are made in marketing to grab attention. But I believe we as a community should advertise the true merits of the project, without exaggeration or embellishements.

  • @arubislander

    You are right. You pointed out the true. So let me remove those statements and leave just idea