@WLBI said in Other uses for Convergence, presenter mode?: Everything is Web-Apps... But why using an web-app? Actually I can open any website in the browser, so I don't need extra app. Because webapps are confined browser instances, so profile data is not shared between them, and security issues and malware JavaScript from one site can't steal your cookies/data stored from another site in this case. Complaining to us that WhatsApp/Twitter/Snapchat/whatever don't provide native apps, doesn't change anything though. We can't fix their proprietary services to integrate properly with UT. We can make webapps and do some additional integration work to make using the web site nicer and feel more native on UT, though. If the native apps don't exist that you need, then it's best to ask the services you require to provide those apps, or try to develop alternatives. There's only a few of us working in our spare time on UT, and we can't build an OS and write all possible apps people might need, ourselves. We need people helping to do that. So feel free to help.