Looking for new maintainer / developer for TextSecure / Signal app

  • Maybe more people (maybe all using UT) should file a request Signal support page => upper right corner πŸ˜‰

    @elastic Did it!

  • @nanu-c I'm at Purism and have been seeking devs / interest in Signal for our Librem 5 (in the PureOS environment, not Ubuntu Touch). Had a few conversations with OWS/Moxie as well.

    I knew about this app but development seemed stalled... but it looks like it has a shot in the arm now πŸ˜ƒ Can we chat about ways that we may be able to support you to get this running in PureOS on the Librem 5? Drop me a line sean.obrien@puri.sm if so.

  • Maybe interesting for some, a Signal client for the terminal: https://github.com/isamert/scli

  • For the record, I tried to use that app since April and encountered many issues. I reported some of them but it looks like @nanu-c time is limited, so (s)he's also calling for help.

    Meanwhile, I set up Anbox and installed signal on my Fairphone 2 running Ubuntu Touch and it works pretty well. I don't have notifications and I still have to find how to give access to my files to Anbox so I can send pictures, and it is pretty slow as all APK on UT I guess, but it does the job.

    I really want to support UT and native UT apps, but for something as important as secure messages, I wasn't feeling comfortable running an app without active contributors.

  • ItΒ΄s not only time. Openwhisper System was not cooperative in helping us with all the information we need to make a real good native App including push notifications. I can see their point about amateurs weakening security, but on the other hand other systems like Matrix seem to be more responsive to communities.

    Besides that, file sharing does not work inside Anbox because it would need a ton of things replicating hardware access to apks, and also the folder structure is totally different between UT and Android. I doubt this will come soon.


  • @Fla I'm willing to get involved into signal ut app.
    But for now I'm just a beginner.

    I have a good experience in C and C++, but I'm adjusting and learning QML and UT.

    I'm using UT as my daily driver for 22months now and I started developing for it 8months ago.

    I'm kinda busy, but I found some time to create and now trying to improve Domoticz app.
    I'm also working (standby really) on a slack client.

    I used a lot signal last year and I was hoping being able to contribute one day.
    Maybe this is a new project... I'll look into it and if I find I'm up to the task I will help maintain this app.

  • @AppLee that's a great news. Answer on github, nanu-c will be happy to hear that.

  • @AppLee pinging @nanu-c for that ^^

  • @AppLee Thank you for your interest in helping. Let us know if you need any help.

  • @joe Thanks.
    I check quickly and I will have to dive into go language... So I'll make some test later.
    I'll let you know about my progress

  • I tried to install the app from github by following instructions.
    But I bumped into some trouble...
    I installed the latest golang package from the ppa backport.
    I achieved to build the docker image
    (I'm new to docker and go)
    And when I ran clickable I got an error about finding the "context"... in /gopath/path0/src/context

    I can copy the full output but I'm sure it's something dumb I didn't do πŸ™‚

  • @AppLee I have had some unresolved trouble with go and docker too in other cases.

    Maybe related to this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42802278/install-context-package-in-golang ?

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