Unable to flash ubuntu-touch: reboot to recovery

  • Re : Sony Xperia X (suzu/F5121 & F5122)
    I have followed exactly all the steps mentioned at the beginning of this topic, I have reflashed at least 10 times my F5121 to stock ROM android 8 and each time ubports-installer announces the installation was successful and however my F5121 only reboot to ut recovery.
    In recovery mode I can access my phone with adb shell.
    What can I do now ?
    My F5121 was running SailfishOS before reflashing to android (and I succeeded reflashing SailfishOS on it).

  • I had a similar behaviour with my OnePlus3.
    In my case it was the partitions.
    Reflash TWRP recovery on it and enter that. Then ensure that all partitions are ext4 and in addition(!) reformat them.

  • @poVoq Thanks. I've done all that but no luck.

  • in TWRP the formatting options are "outside" of the menu where you edit the ext4 file system. Did you use that function? Because without that it didn't work on my OnePlus3.

  • Finally after resintalling android, I erased cache, data and system paritions and then use "Wipe data" using TWRP and I succcesfully installed ubuntu.

  • @phklrz
    Great news.
    As a side note, can you use the "Topic Tool" to mark it as resolved.
    It's a 2 steps process. First you have to "Ask a question" and then use the menu again and "Mark as solved".
    If you have trouble doing so, I can help or do it for you.

    Glad you could install UT on your device.

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