3GB/ 32GB PinePhone mainboards available in Pine Store

  • Pinephone owners who would like to upgrade the mainboard may be interested in this intriguing news in Pine64's October update:

    "...3GB/ 32GB PinePhone mainboards will be available in the Pine Store in November. If you already have a PinePhone and want to upgrade to the higher capacity and RAM variant, you don’t have to buy a new unit – just the mainboard. We also have a little token of appreciation in store for early adopters (Braveheart and UBports CE) owners who wish to upgrade their mainboards, but I won’t spoil the surprise in this post."


    Edit/Update: https://pine64.com/product-category/smarphone-spare-parts/?v=0446c16e2e66

  • @ziggutas
    A lot of great news regarding hardware compatible with Ubuntu Touch today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • How are you guys backing up and restoring your PinePhones?

    Currently with how the pinephone works, it seems that it wont be the easiest to backup and restore, what I'm planning on doing is just using cp, to copy my whole home directory to my sd card, and then when I install Ubuntu Touch to the 3GB edition, I can just cp the files back to where they're from, but I dont know if that will cause any issues or if there'll be any incompatibility's.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat I did a clean install of latest build from here as I have nothing that needs saving. But your plan sounds good. It should work ok shouldn't it? Everything looks exactly the same under this installation. It's a stable build but presumably I could just switch channels if desired.

  • @ziggutas Yeah I'm gonna do that when I get the board, but I still have things on the phone thats important, though I thing instead of doing it that way, I'll copy the files though jump drive instead, bit easier I think!

    I just dont know where all the settings are, and since its on my desktop I can just get rid of some extra files that I dont need from my desktop instead.

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