One Plus One Battery

  • Hello, I installed Ubuntu Touch on my oneplus 1. The battery settings always show 50% charge, even if the battery is charging. The phone works correctly but does not update the recharge data. . No do I report the recharge status if connected with USB. It is possible to do something. I await your reply thanks.

  • @OnePlus1 Sorry battery measurements are farily correct on the Oneplus One. Did you replace the battery recently? If its not an OEM battery it might have that problem.

  • @OnePlus1 When mine stayed at fifty percent it meant I had to get a new battery. It ended up not booting without being connected to power. Are you using UTTweek Tool to show the battery %. The only other thing I could think off is reflashing and see if that changes anything.

  • Thanks for your answer. I actually replaced the battery in February of this year. The viewer assured me it was an original OnePlus battery. The important thing is that everything else works for now. Thanks again for the answer.

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