New user with UT asking for guidance

  • Hi every one
    I am a new on this experience with UT. I hope to find an answers to my questions about how yo protect my privacy from priacy and remont the device, because as far as i understood the linux is a green zoon for activities can tack dowan the privacy and i like to point i am google free.

  • Hi @En666
    Welcome here.
    Ubuntu touch respect your privacy by giving the decision of sharing anything to the user.
    Apps are confined, that means that they only have access to what they need and cannot spy on other apps' data.
    I f you want to share information between apps (contacts, pics, videos, ...) then the user willl be asked for what exactly they want to share. It can be a single item or several but the user has the power.

    Ubuntu Touch is open source which means that anyone can review its code and be sure that there is no spyware embeded and the community effort will ensure that a security breach can be patched as soon as it is detected helping secure your device.

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  • @AppLee Thank you for the welcome and comfortable response. Do I understand that the process of remmont the device, such as through ssh, is a difficult thing, or trying to access from an outside party to my information is not possible, and as for applications, I use the device as a means of communication and messages, no more. What attracted me the most to switch to UT was the privacy it provided to the user, so I would like to rest more.

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