Any plans for second release of UBports Touch version of the Pinephone?

  • Huge apologies if I have hit the wrong place / wrong forum, but can anyone tell me whether there are any plans for a second release of the Community Edition of the UT version of the Pinephone? Or, failing that, whether if I buy whatever version of the Pinephone I can lay hands on - e,g., Manjaroo - I would be able to port UT onto it?

    [I successfully ported UT onto a Nexus 5, but I have had a bit of a physical accident with it, and I want to move on.]

    Thanks for any help / advice.

  • yes you can buy the manjaro edition and install UT on it.
    AFAIK you can even dual boot if you want.

  • @The_Cougar_Kid

    You don't have to port uTouch on Pinephone or whatever uTouch supported phone, you just need to install on it ^^

    And like said poVoq, Manjaro one is in this case.

    But if you want to know if a uTouch preinstalled version will come back (with donation to ubportsfondation for each device sold), best place to ask is PINE64 forums.

  • @poVoq Thank you

  • @Keneda Thank you

  • It is very easy to install UT.
    I have done the same with my Manjora Pinephone.
    I downloaded the latest jumpdrive and the UT image.
    then i used balenaEtcher to flash 2 SD cards. One with the latest jumpdrive version and one with the UT image for the Pinephone.

    You only need the SD card with the UT image to test how the OS runs.
    The SD card with jumpdrive is needed to write the UT image to the internal memory with balenaEtcher.

    There are really good instructions in the forum.

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