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  • Hello to All,
    After several months of failed installation of ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 flo, I come back to you to report the success (finally!) of the installation on my device.
    To do this, I had to reinstall the stock version of android on the nexus 7.
    While browsing xda developers, I found a tool to repair and factory reset the Nexus 7 2013: .
    In addition to repair options, restock2 installs reliable usb drivers (my usb connection was unstable under xubuntu 20.04).
    For installation and use you need a windows operating system.
    Device plugged in and bootloader open, just double click on the "restock.bat" file and follow the whole installation procedure (well documented procedure on xda).
    Resetting the device is quite long, you have to be patient...
    With the rom stock open, you have to set up the develop mode.
    Then ubports-installer does the job.
    Not having much left to lose, I used this procedure "blind" and I am surprised and very satisfied with the result.
    On the forums, I realized that I'm not the only one impacted by the difficulty of installing UT on nexus 7 flo ... If my experience as a novice can help some people, so much the better!
    See you soon.

  • @Macadam Glad your sorted. Please mark as solved using Topic Tools ask as question, then mark as solved. Thanks

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