OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features

  • @malditobastardo said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    just need a good messenger to keep in touch with my family. Sadly LoquiIM is stills under development and for now its very unusable for me because I keep receiving DECRYPT error.. so no whatsapp for me.

    I made webapps (webapp creator) for telegram and whatsapp. They both have web ui with web-browser. Those are good enough for me.

  • @HendriXXX said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    I have N5 as daily driver now.

    Few things that comes to mind..

    • Of course I want known bugs to be fixed..
    • Somekind of simple system monitor where you could see open processes, their cpu and ram usage.
    • Power saving options, eg. disable all logging..
    • HDR mode to Camera.
    • Magnifying glass or some simple zoom when selecting text.

    Quoting myself:

    • rebooting and shutdown problem is annoying. Phone freezes always. If battery is low and phone tries to shutdown itself, it freezes and display backlight stays on untill battery is dead. If I force reboot, then I have to reboot second time because any app wont open..

    Maybe that Simple System Monitor should contain these features..

    • cpu and mem usage, total and per process
    • running processes
    • possibility to kill/restart processes if they freezes

  • Me again. I forgot a couple of things.
    Browser and Dekko, and any other app, should give the chance to save downloaded files or attachments in any place through the file manager (great the new dev version).
    In case we only want to open it, in Document Viewer for example, it should be saved in a temporary file for later deletion.
    Once opened, in case we want to save it, Document Viewer should have a SAVE AS option to save it wherever we want.

  • Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback in this topic. I've just run through it and noted almost all of the possible (AKA: would not require a UX redesign or other major overhauls) enhancements we could make to the OS. This was partially so that I had something to calm me down after the day, partially because I wanted to try my new note-scanner app on my freedom-hating phone.

    As you can see, Bluetooth got the most mentions in this thread, closely followed by adding the cursor movement in the on-screen keyboard. Let's see what we can do to get that rolling.

    Please excuse my manuscript.


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