OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features

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    I really want to know your wanted features for OTA 3

  • @mariogrip I think being able to run android apps is what i'd look forward the most to see. It does not mean i want to be glued to android apps all the time, but rather to get through something in the way. 🙂

    Better battery time would also be helpful.

    Also thanks for all you have done so far!

  • Not really features, I'd like to see more development on the basics. Two things that quickly come to mind:

    1. Improved performance: less RAM usage.
    2. Bugfree experience for the 3 listed core devices.

  • I would really like to see a proper nextcloud / owncloud account support for calendars and contacts.

  • Theming, or some sort of dark theme. And nightshift.

  • My new feature list for OTA 3:

    • BQ E4.5 as core device (due to number of used devices)
    • configureable UserAgent string for the browser
    • Dekko: threaded view/deletion
    • Dekko: correct display of attachments
    • cursor movement keys in the OSK

    Thx for the hard work to all of you.



    Pour ma part, j'aimerai retrouver la convergence de Canonical avec libreoffice.
    J'aimerai bien avoir Chromium, VLC, Alzip, utorrent ou l'équivalent.
    La possibilité d'installer des applications Android, j'utilise Visorando, Runtastic, Molotov, Camscanner.
    For my part, I would like to find the convergence of Canonical with freeoffice.
    I would love to have Chromium, VLC, Alzip, utorrent or equivalent.
    The possibility of installing Android applications, I use Visorando, Runtastic, Molotov, Camscanner.

  • One more thing that i think about now is that apps should not stop running when they have things to do. Like when commands are running in the terminal, when making a Skype call etc. It would be good if this could be solved at a system level, but i'm not sure if it can be.

  • @hans1977se I think it should be possible. For example right now I'm listening a live stream in the browser and read mails with dekko. I wagely remember that I have had to configure something with a comnand over the bus to allow this, will check my writeups.


  • @guru I hope you'll find something. 🙂 Closest i found is apps can force the phone to stay fully on, but then power management becomes manual.

  • I would like to see bluteooth getting some attention, so we could use the phone for calls in our cars.
    Thank you.

  • @hans1977se said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    @guru I hope you'll find something. 🙂 Closest i found is apps can force the phone to stay fully on, but then power management becomes manual.

    It took me some time, but here we go: You can check on the cmd line which apps are excepted from getting the suspend signal if not on display with the following command (which shows the app names in my BQ E4.5, running Canonical's OTA-15):

    gsettings get com.canonical.qtmir lifecycle-exempt-appids
    ['com.ubuntu.music', 'com.ubuntu.terminal', 'webbrowser-app', 'dekko.dekkoproject', 'mediaplayer-app']

    and you can add some app identifier (as I did long ago) with:

    gsettings set com.canonical.qtmir lifecycle-exempt-appids "['com.ubuntu.music', 'com.ubuntu.terminal']"

    It seems to me, that the display server MIR is sending the suspend signal to all other app loosing the display by being slided away.


  • An adblocker in the webbrowser is something I really miss.

  • @RandomUser
    This would be nice yes. At the moment I use hosts file from here: http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/ and It's doing a great job keeping ads away.

  • @Vehi_MV said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    This would be nice yes. At the moment I use hosts file from here: http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/ and It's doing a great job keeping ads away.

    Do you have this as /etc/hosts ? This is a ro file system...

  • Hi, I think that there is still some work to do on bugfixing iso new features. Using a Meizu mx4 I still have to restart once or twice a day cos of the battery indicator showing empty although it is almost full, the webbrowser doesn't show html5 videos, cannot use telegram on all public networks eg. Airport freeweb, and in general smoothness of the OS; too often it got stuck when changing apps if swiping from right to left...nevertheless, I do not want to go back to any other OS and appreciate the hard work!!

  • @guru

    1. You can make the file system writable with UT Tweak Tool: https://uappexplorer.com/app/ut-tweak-tool.sverzegnassi .
    2. Reboot
    3. Then you make a backup of original /etc/hosts file
    4. Copy your new hosts file to /etc/hosts
    5. Make file system read only with UT Tweak Tool
    6. Reboot
    7. Enjoy ad-free experience on your phone.

  • @Vehi_MV To make a fs rw I do not need some tool apart of mount, but I always, since the beginnung of UT, I said it is no a good idea making this partitions rw. How OTA should work on such modifications?
    You have been warned.

  • I think, it's still needed to inproof the core-apps:
    Bluetooth needs to work better with other devices. In my case: Meizu MX4 can connect to NAVIGON 70pro car-navigation, but can't make calls with it and other functions don't work.
    Camera app has very low qualitiy and some settings don't work together. If I turn HDR on, then flashlight gets off, and so on.
    Music app should be more comfortable and start faster. Sometimes stops playing without reason.

  • The most important for me are the fixes for Meizu Pro 5 - I have reported a few bugs related to this device and those bugs are making my phone not fully reliable (and it's important for me, as Pro 5 is my daily driver).

    Other than that:

    • T9 dialer
    • Custom SMS sound
    • Possibly per-app notification sound (so that Dekko/Telegram notification sound can be different from the SMS one)
    • How about listing mediahub apps in sound indicator? It could list the apps, but hide the control buttons where no app is open. When you open the app, it could jump to the top of the list and display the controls.
    • System/OpenStore app updates using the transfer indicator, so that they could be downloaded and installed in background and multiple ones simultaneously.

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