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    Bravo 👏flohack, beau travail 👍 belle équipe, je vous place devant IOS et android 😜

    Bravo 👏flohack, nice work 👍 nice team, I place you before IOS and android 😜

  • @Flohack Great news, so this may mean that we are moving a little closer to the many BQ devices out there being in the core device list. That would be great news for everyone who has them and has had them from the start.

  • @Flohack Well done

  • Good work Flohack,

    I know we're past the point now but I'd still like a new BQ phone with UT on it.

    Why Mark, WHY !! Grrrrrr (Shakes fist angrily). 😞

  • Thank you so much Flohack!
    I really want to keep my phone as long as possible.

  • Thanks for the work Flowhack. This may be abit off topic, but would it mean there is potential for Ubports on newer Bq models. As they are good phones at a reasonable price.

  • @Lakota Yeah thats what is on my mind also. We will eventually talk with independent phone makers to get information on how to make a port on their device X. Lets say, BQ and Honor are interesting candidates. To be fair: We will still fully support Fairphone ofc. But also I can understand if people want a cheap easy phone to try out Ubuntu Touch.

  • @Flohack
    Thanks Flohack. That sounds very promising. My android (which I have to have🙃) is the Aquarius M5. Good phone picked it up for just over £130 new as its 6.0.1. Would love to get ubports on it.☺

  • @Flohack these are all good news to hear, I hope BQ will want to cooperate in this after all. You are doing amazing job out there, thank you.

  • Wow, great news to read!
    I really hope there will be some new UBports devices with powerful hardware.
    I have a BQ E4.5 and M10 FHD, but the hardware is not really powerful.
    Just recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the hardware is so great and impressive, but the Android OS is so bad, when it comes to spy out everything. Sometimes I am afraid using it, because I don't like Google, the NSA and others, that I can't control, to be part of my life.
    A high-power hardware like this would be great with UBports, but I know, it's "Samsung closed source hardware" and this will never come true. It's a conspiracy between Google and Samsung. Money talks....

  • I turned on my E5 yesterday hoping to get the new release. Then I remembered that if anything it would be the M10 that went on the list first. Shame as I really wanted to check out the latest version and have a play around. Hopefully soon the M10 will be getting regular updates and I can install UBPORTS.

  • I'm still happily using my old BQ E4.5 that I bought nearly 2 1/2 years ago as my everyday phone. It has proven reliable (never even had to do a factory reset). I wonder whether to stick with the preinstalled Ubuntu touch or to move to UBports. I'm not sure whether the updates are significant enough to make it worthwhile wiping the existing installation. Any thoughts?

  • @Mark Well I would say its definitely worth switching. For example we are upgrading the browser right now. You can do a simple backup with the magic device tool, then switch to UBports, then restore. You will have to reinstall all apps, but your data can be saved.


  • @Mark I find ubports runs smoother and on the whole is a better experience than the stock Ubuntu touch. Give it a go you can always revert if you want, but I don't think you will.

  • @Flohack it was simple but very slow as our telephone exchange is limited to only half a meg and that is before the signal has to travel down the rural copper wires. None the less it all worked and the old phone is up and running on UBports. Now what were all these passwords again 😉 I look forward to finding out what has changed and what needs to. My coding dates back to DEC10 mainframe and Sinclair ZX80/81 (apart from a bit of HTML late last century) so not sure how useful I can be. Only used Linux at home for the last 11 years (though stuck with MS windows at work).

  • @Mark I would of been happy with my E5 as my daily phone, if it was not for the fact that the mobile data kept dropping and the signal was rubbish. I would also agree that it is worth moving over. What have you got to loose? As the E4.5 and E5 are not core devices, they will not get all the latest updates, but they will get major security updates, where the Touch build will not. You never know we may be lucky enough one day for both phones to be moved to the core list and then the fun can begin.

    Wow a blast from the past, a Sinclair ZX81.

  • @UKPhil said in Original devices:

    You never know we may be lucky enough one day for both phones to be moved to the core list and then the fun can begin.

    I also have a E4.5, but for sure, this will never happen, because those devices don't have enough power to handle what is needed.
    The devices don't have HDMI out.
    The RAM is way to small for having a smooth running system with full convergence.
    The processor is so slow, that it can not be used with a decent workflow.
    It's just impossible to use those devices, for that what UBports can do all.

    Something like, you will use a "Pentium 1" PC with 512 MB RAM and install Ubuntu 17.04. Well, there will be no fun 😉

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