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  • I see that Private Internet Access is one of the UBPorts Sponsors. I know that you can ad a vpn via the System Settings, but I have not ttried to set up PIA yet. My question is when will there be a PIA app for users and our sponsors?

  • PIA can be added normally through System Settings. I've received the instructions for doing this before, I'll paste them here.

    Use the openvpn settings files provided by PIA. (I haven't tested the others like the advanced openvpn-IP configuration but had a problem using the openvpn-strong set. The settings below is what I tested and this works, some tweaks may be required for improved security)

    File to download

    I extracted and created a folder .privateinernetaccess in the 'phablet' directory to keep all the files.

    All the settings can be found in the ovpn file if you open it with a text editor

    In VPN settings 'Add Manual Configuration'

    In the server enter the server you will be using e.g ''

    Use a custom gateway port '1198'

    Tick Use this VPN for 'All network connections'

    Protocol 'UDP'

    Authentication type: 'Password'

    Username: Your PIA username 'Pxxxx'

    Password: Your password

    CA Certificate: Select the file 'ca.rsa.2048.crt'

    Cipher: 'AES-128-CBC'

    and select 'Compress data'

    The settings above worked fine. This can be setup with the default VPN settings

    If you installed the click package 'VPN Editor'

    The only other setting to change is under 'Security' section Choose 'SHA-1' as the HMAC authentication.

    This is not needed to work but it is a defined in the ovpn profile provided by PIA.

  • @UniSuperBox thanks for that, I will look at it tonight. I may need to email you though as I am not sure of the first file you mentioned. However, the rest seems easy enough. This would be so nice to have as an app, just like on Ubuntu Desktop.

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